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“My favorite gym! Amazing trainers, they are all very personable and encouraging! every single class is a blast and full of laughter, growth and sweat!”

Melanie Linstruth’s story

“I could not recommend this gym enough, so clean and such friendly people! They all just make you feel so welcomed, 10 out of 10!”

Ashley Mckinnon’s story

These past couple years have been tough mentally for me because of all the surgeries. I was always strong physically. I could do anything for myself. It really took a piece of me as far as my mental health. Then the loss of my ex husband and 6 weeks later my oldest son, I didn’t think I could go on. So many losses. When you lose a child, it brings feelings that you have never experienced and honestly you don’t know how to deal. You experience such devastation. Your body and your heart is literally broken. CrossFit has helped in so many ways. Cori you reached out and never judged me. You were there when I texted you and checked on me. The encouragement of all the members has been outstanding. I suffer from depression my whole life and self worth. I feel myself getting stronger physically and mentally. I have never backed down from what life had thrown at me. But honestly the loss of my first born, I didn’t think I could get through it. You never get through it really. But you cry when tears come and it passes. Thank you Cori and all of you have a part in helping me trough my grief. Thank you.

Robin Haslem’s story

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