Wednesday workouts of hell!!

By Alexandra Rowland

Every Tuesday athletes ask at the end of class if Wednesday is going to be harder.  It’s been well known at CFR, Wednesdays are like the Devil programmed it.  Like he wants you to feel the deepest of your soul and sweat and tears.  Athletes also wonder if I hate them and if I’m the one coming up with the idea of these Super Hard Workouts every Wednesday.  Let me break it for you, NO!  Especially on running days!  I’m not the one trying to kill you!!

We have been using special programming called Beyond Rx and they have created awesome workouts for us through the years to help us break records in our own PR’s and challenging us to be better in every workout.  Last month we received news that Beyond Rx is going in a different direction.

It was hard to accept this change, at least for me.  At the beginning, since I’m not just a coach but also I’m a member, I too have benchmarks and goals.

We had a sit down and analyzed every CrossFit programming out there and we finally made an exciting decision for our workouts that will take your results to new heights.  Get ready to push past plateaus, maximize your gains, and unlock your full potential.  Our updated programming is designed specifically for your success and revolutionize our training.  We know change can be intimidating, but, Trust us, this is our game-changer.

Get ready! Starting December everyday will be Wednesday.

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