CrossFit Kids: Unleash the power

Fueling Fun, Fitness, and Future Wellness for our Youth

By Alexandra Rowland

I wish CrossFit would have been a thing when I was 10 years old! I found CrossFit in my 30s and CrossFit has made a lifelong impact on me. Now that I’m a coach I think that starting Crossfit Kids at a young age would have have been a great help during the hard times of my teens and even into my young adult life. Now every time I see friends with kids I encourage them to bring them and experience a little bit of Crossfit.

We’ll dive into the importance of children doing CrossFit and explore how it can positively impact their lives. From building strong foundations and promoting healthy habits to enhancing motor skills, and boosting confidence, CrossFit offers a multitude of advantages for our young ones. Not only does it foster teamwork and social skills, but it also develops mental resilience, prevents childhood obesity, and improves sports performance.

Let’s get into these topics and uncover the amazing world of CrossFit for kids!

How CrossFit Reincarnation will help your kids.

Coach Lacey Shafer

1. Builds Strong Foundations:

Develops functional movement patterns

  • Enhances physical abilities

2. Promots Healthy Habits:

  • Adopt a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Instills the importance of exercise and nutrition

3. Enhances Motor Skills:

  • Improves coordination and balance
  • Enhances agility and overall motor skills

4. Boosts Confidence:

  • Builds self-confidence and belief in abilities
  • Accomplish challenging workouts and goals

5. Teamwork and Social Skills:

  • Work together in a supportive environment
  • Develop communication and collaboration skills

6. Develop Mental Resilience:

  • Overcome obstacles and challenges
  • Build mental toughness and perseverance

8. Improves Sports Performance:

  • Enhances strength, endurance, and power
  • Transfers skills to other athletic activities

9. Teaches Discipline and Goal Setting:

  • Instills discipline and commitment
  • Set and work towards achievable goals

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